Decorative fabrics tropical and exotic for curtains and upholstery

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Decorative fabrics tropical and exotic for curtains and upholstery

Decorative fabrics that bring the holidays of distant countries home to you. We would like to give you some furnishing ideas for tropical and exotic room designs. We offer a high quality selection of tropical and exotic fabrics for decoration, curtain, upholstery, cushions and tablecloths. is an online shop for decorative fabrics made from natural fibers. Below we have listed some design ideas for our exotic and tropical decorative fabrics for you. We offer a nice selection of different fiber materials such as linen and cotton, as well as high-quality linen-cotton blends. A selection of beautiful exotic creations such as palm prints, oriental-inspired designs, jungle motifs with animals, elegant watercolors and countless floral designs. We also offer a wide selection of children's decorative fabrics.

Indian digital prints on Panama cotton fabric

We start our journey with an exceptional selection of cotton fabrics that are printed using digital printing. Inspired by the bold and colorful palette of the Indian summer, this series features a range of casual prints featuring hand-painted elephants and abstract motifs in multiple hues. This decorating fabric selection takes the theme further by incorporating henna-inspired flowers for a painterly effect. Add a touch of color to any room with refreshing selections that emulate India's thriving nature and major festivals.

The item is ideal for sewing and designing cushions, curtains or decorative items.

Indian inspired decorative fabrics

Indian cotton fabrics with elephants tropical cotton fabric with elephants exotic curtain fabric Curtain fabric with exotic leaves exotic pillow fabric with leaves

Cotton decorative fabrics in a tropical summer look

With a nod to the “Tropic” trend, these decorative fabrics bring a relaxed look to interiors. From decorative tile designs and linen-look palm prints to a beautiful burnout, the designs create a tropical retreat in any living space. The collection's color palette enhances this sense of calm and includes soft greens, calm blues and earthy terracotta tones that work harmoniously to bring a relaxed atmosphere into the home.

These fabrics are suitable for generous curtains, elegant cushions and decorations.

Tropical-inspired curtain fabrics
blue cotton fabric with tropical motif

Large floral floral designs for curtains

Have the courage to use color and large patterns! High-quality cotton fabrics with tropical floral motifs. This fabric gets its great design using the latest digital printing technology. The digital printing technology used enables patterns with delicate color gradients in brilliant colors. The production takes place in Spain. Real eye-catchers and a must-have for the tropical look. The item is available in many different, trendy colors. We recommend this decorative fabric for cushions, bedspreads, curtains and table runners.

great, exotic decorative fabrics

Paradisiacal cotton fabric Tropical print on 100% cotton exotic floral motifs for curtains Colorful exotic pillow fabrics Unique floral print for tablecloths

Noble tropical prints on linen-cotton fabric

A sumptuous array of rich colors inspired by tropical beaches and Moorish backdrops; This high-quality linen-cotton fabric appears with effective digital prints that look like paintings. Matching decorative fabrics for the tropical look. These linen-cotton decorative fabrics are wonderful for upholstery covers and decorative pillows.

Tropical linen-cotton upholstery fabrics

Palm tree motif on linen-cotton fabric Used look linen-cotton fabric

Organic decorative fabrics with palm tree print

Organic palm fabric lawen green Upholstery fabric palm trees indigo
Organic palm fabric salmon pink

If you have any further questions about our tropical and exotic decorative fabrics, please do not hesitate to contact us.