Bird motif fabrics

Fabric with a bird motif sold by the meter

Are you looking for fabric with a bird motif by the meter? In our online shop you will find a selected range of high-quality fabrics with bird pattern motifs. For us, fabrics with birds are not just bird pattern fabrics, but also other motifs from the plant world in combination with bird motifs. Our bird motifs include owl, robin, hummingbird, butterfly, but also fabrics with penguins. Fabrics with various tropical elements from nature also fall into this category. Our bird motif fabrics are available in a wide variety of styles. A distinction can be made according to material, type, color, shape, purpose or pattern. A wide variety of combinations for fabrics with bird motifs are conceivable.

Our fabrics with bird motifs can be easily sewn with any conventional household sewing machine, even in multiple layers, and are ideal for sewing beginners as well as professionals. Take a look through our comprehensive range. The price of our fabric by the meter refers to 1 meter, the width of our fabrics varies depending on the product (the fabric width is approximately 140 cm). The fabric is delivered in one piece. You're sure to find the right design for your next sewing project.

Bird motif fabrics made from a variety of materials

Not all materials are the same. Even the basic material from knit, fleece, knitted fabric to fabric is often very different. This often determines the intended use and care properties of the material. The look and feel also play an important role when choosing the right material.

We offer high-quality natural materials with bird patterns such as cotton fabrics or linen fabrics. Synthetically produced materials such as viscose or polyester also have a permanent place in our portfolio. In addition, material mixtures made from natural and/or artificial fiber materials are an integral part of our fabric range. Choosing the right material depends on the requirements of your sewing project. We recommend further information about our fabrics, which are specifically formulated for each item, so you get the right material for your sewing project.

Bird fabrics by weave

Patterns with birds can be created using different weaving and printing techniques. Examples of this are the high-quality and elegant jacquard weaving technique, which creates generous, three-dimensional bird patterns, or the dobby fabric, which can be used to weave fabrics with small birds. Jacquard makes it possible to lift each warp thread individually under computer control, creating very complex and elegant patterns. The warp threads are lifted by harness threads. Each warp thread is assigned to an individual harness thread and guided through the strand containing thread on the harness. When it comes to shaft fabric, there is a limitation in the pattern of the fabric because the warp threads are always grouped together and the number of shafts on a weaving machine is limited for technical reasons. Shaft fabrics are therefore available on the market with light patterns.

In addition to weaving technology, another option for bird motif patterns for fabrics is printing technology. The main options here are screen printing and digital printing technology. With the latter, there are almost no limits to the design of the pattern. Limiting the pattern repeat or the number of colors are a thing of the past. Compared to conventional printing techniques, digital printing technology enables greater color variation and more delicate pattern design.

The embroidery technique offers another way to refine fabrics with a high-quality bird motif pattern. In embroidery, the fabric is refined by pulling through or sewing on additional threads. When applied to the surface of the textile, an elegant, unique pattern is created.

Bird fabrics in modern and classic colors

It's all about the right combination of colors. Which color goes best with your furniture in the living room, dining room, children's room or bedroom? Should it be soft pastel tones in pink, yellow or green? Are you looking for an eye-catcher that will draw the eye in the room to your self-designed sewing project? A fine mix of complementary colors such as blue and yellow or red and green are also important elements in interior design. Or you can go for classic colors like gray, beige, white or cream.

With us you will find a selection of different combinations that we have ready for you. It is important to choose the right balance of different colors and to integrate your sewn product appropriately into the environment.

Possible uses of fabrics with bird motifs

The possible uses for our bird motif fabrics are very versatile. We offer robust bird motif fabrics for furniture and upholstery work or high-quality, silky-soft clothing fabrics with bird motifs. But home accessories and individual decorations can also be made from high-quality decorative fabrics with bird motifs. You can easily sew sofa cushions, bean bags but also covers or curtains yourself from this wonderful fabric.

We have put together a selection of the possible uses of our bird fabrics for you:

  • Furniture
  • clothing
  • Dresses
  • Cushions / cushion covers
  • Curtain/curtains
  • Bags/backpacks
  • Decorations
  • covers
  • Set the table
  • Bedspreads / bed linen
  • Bean bags

Fabrics with unusual bird motif patterns

In our range you will find a wide variety of bird motifs sold by the meter. From retro, vintage to modern to country house style, the right style of fabric is available for every sewing and furnishing enthusiast.

Our bird motif fabrics harmonize perfectly with other fabrics (e.g. our Panama Canvas Uni). Due to the great variety, there is the right fabric for every type of furnishing. We offer unusual ornamental patterns, playful bird patterns, children's motifs as well as combinations of floral and animal design elements such as birds and flowers for harmonious harmony.

All information about bird motif fabrics in a summary

  • Bird motif fabrics are available in natural materials or as blended fabrics
  • Our bird motifs are produced in woven, printed or embroidered form
  • When it comes to bird motif fabrics, it's all about the right combination of colors to create a harmonious atmosphere
  • Suitable for sewing projects in clothing and interior design
  • It's all about the right style. We offer bird motif fabrics in a variety of styles from classic to modern