Curtain fabrics

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We are your online shop for curtain fabrics made from natural fibers. We specialize in curtain fabrics made from selected materials such as linen and cotton. Many of our curtain fabrics are organic. You can also expect a selection of curtain fabrics made from recycled polyester fibers. Our curtain fabrics are usually room-high or extra wide and save unnecessary attachment of individual fabric panels and unsightly seams.

What are curtain fabrics?

The perfect curtain fabrics are rather delicate, slightly transparent and work fantastically as an accent in the room. Fabrics for curtains, on the other hand, are often an eye-catcher and can also be used as a blackout material. However, both have one thing in common: they should have a high level of light resistance, have a beautiful, gentle fall and have a positive effect on the acoustics and coziness of the room.

Interesting facts about curtain fabrics

Curtains are often referred to as curtains. Store comes from the Latin word storea/storia and means something like rush mat or blanket. Stores in Germany and Austria a name for net-like, semi-transparent and white curtains or drapes.

Well-known store types sold by the meter are:

  • Voile
  • batiste
  • Burnout
  • Marquisette
  • tulle
  • Great
  • organza

The days of stereotypical crochet curtains are a thing of the past. Our curtains by the meter are modern and functional. You can find an assortment of selected variations in semi-transparent, transparent and slightly patterned curtains by the meter in our online shop. With our store yard goods you can give your living room, bedroom or kitchen a modern upgrade. Our store yard goods can be sewn into new, modern curtains made to measure and can be decorated with various curtain tapes in your room. The best-known systems are the pleat tape or the ruffle tape, with which the finished sewn curtain can be easily pulled into the rails. With these systems you can ensure the perfect drape and an elegant look. Alternatively, loop or eyelet systems can also be used, which automatically create a visually appealing gathering when pulled onto the curtain rod. A wide variety of window decorations such as roller blinds, long blinds or half blinds can be sewn from our store by the meter. In addition, the curtains can also be wonderfully combined with patterned or plain-colored decorative scarves.

So that you can freely determine your curtain width, we offer room-high curtains sold by the meter. For this piece of goods, the height of the goods is already specified at 280 – 300 cm. You order the width of your goods depending on your needs, saving yourself the hassle of sewing on several panels.

Which materials for curtain fabrics?

We have put together a fine selection of curtain fabrics made from linen , cotton , hemp and recycled fibers for you. Our main range consists of curtain fabrics woven from natural fibers. With us you can choose high-quality voile fabrics made from pure linen for curtains from a great range of colors. Our linen curtain fabrics are made in Europe. A series of floor-to-ceiling curtain fabrics made with 100% organic cotton complements our range. Here we offer a selection of delicate cotton batiste with a width of 280 cm. Our curtain fabric ECO made from 100% recycled polyester fibers is woven extra wide at 298 cm and has a fine structure and a wonderful feel. Extra-wide satin fabrics with a soft drape and high-quality shine made from organic cotton are also available in a fine selection.

Which patterns for curtain fabrics?

We offer curtains by the meter that can be wonderfully integrated into the country house style. Noble roses and beautiful wildflowers are waiting for you here. As a combination, plain curtain fabrics are available in pastel colors such as pink, green or blue. Earthy colors such as ochre, brown, beige and many white and gray classics are available to you. For modern style, we offer beautiful graphic and tropical designs with clear structures and exotic motifs.

If you have any further questions, we are happy to help you at any time. Get inspired!