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Ahoy! At you will find a select selection of maritime fabrics made from natural fibers. Our maritime decorative fabrics are ideal for sewing curtains or upholstering furniture . A great range of maritime organic decorative fabrics is waiting to be used by you.

What are maritime fabrics?

The term maritime (Latin maritimus “belonging to the sea”) refers to an influence of the sea. Our maritime decorative fabrics are inspired by the style of the sea in design, color and fiber. The maritime fabric designs are predominantly printed onto the fabric using high-quality digital printing.

Which materials for maritime fabrics?

We specialize in maritime decorative fabrics made from natural fibers. Our offer includes a wide selection of fabrics made from linen, cotton, jute and hemp fibers. Some blended fabrics made from natural fibers are also available. Many of our fabrics are organic and from European production. A particular focus is on our maritime fabrics made from recycled fibers , which are obtained from waste from the oceans. We also offer a selection of fabrics made from recycled fibers that are produced from clothing that is no longer used. In a recycling process, new fibers are obtained from the materials and new, high-quality decorative fabrics are woven. Noble and robust materials are woven into high-quality canvas fabrics that offer a wide range of applications.

What kind of maritime designs?

We would like to give you a brief overview of our nautical fabric designs . A fine range of beach patterns such as lighthouses, cute beach houses, maritime flowers or even birds such as seagulls printed on a Panama fabric are available from us. But a lot of things also take place underwater. Maritime decorative fabrics with shells, fish, corals, starfish or even penguins. Colorful decorative fabrics with underwater plants complement our maritime selection. Sea motifs with small boats and sailing ships as well as nautical motifs with ropes and anchors round off our range of maritime designs.

Which colors for maritime fabrics?

The classic colors in the nautical furnishing style are blue , red and white . Here we offer different color versions from light to dark. The color palette is complemented by some yellow, orange and gray tones.

What to sew from maritime decorative fabrics?

A variety of different projects can be implemented using our robust, maritime decorative fabrics. In addition to curtains and furniture covers, we have listed a selection of options for you below. The product description of our fabrics lists the respective areas of application as well as the technical specifications of the maritime fabrics. Our materials are used in the following areas:

  • curtains
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Upholstery fabrics
  • Pillow
  • covers
  • Curtain fabrics
  • rolls
  • Utensil silos
  • Beach bags
  • Picnic blankets