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For us, sustainable and high-quality means fairly and socially traded fabric sold by the meter along the entire process chain, using sustainably grown and renewable materials. Our raw materials are grown under the strictest rules and environmentally conscious conditions without the use of chemicals. We are the ecological provider of yard goods that pay attention to fair trade throughout the entire production chain and consciously avoid the long transport routes that alternative organic textiles from the Far East travel.

We ensure that our products are manufactured without the use of child labor and under high social standards. Our fabrics make the sewing hobby completely sustainable and we support the environment and nature through a holistic, ecological way of thinking. By using mechanical finishing processes and producing woven fabrics in Europe, we try to get the most out of the environment and social sustainability.

We offer you vegan fabrics like our linen from controlled organic cultivation for the production of organic clothing, organic textiles and much more. The fabrics are ideal for sewing organic bathroom textiles such as towels, sauna towels or bathrobes. The right bedding and pillows made to measure for your home can also be wonderfully sewn from our organic fabrics. We are sure that you will also find the right organic fabric in our range of organic batiste, organic twill, organic terry cloth, organic denim and organic satin. The well-being of the skin and the environment is particularly important to us. We are happy to supply you with eco-friendly fabrics made from cotton, cork or wool upon request.

We are not only an online shop for organic fabrics, we also offer you valuable information in our own blog on the subject of sustainable textiles as well as competent advice.