Pure linen

What is pure linen?

Pure linen stands for woven or knitted textile surfaces made from linen. Products with this seal are made from pure linen. In knitwear, the stitches are made from 100% linen. Only linen yarns are used as warp and weft threads in woven goods.

Quality control in German linen culture has a centuries-old tradition and is established to a high standard. The sale used to be subject to the so-called laying obligation. Official laying masters got up close and personal with the material laid out on the long table. They examined the yarn, weaving and dyeing quality and established a classification. The quality label was sealed with a stamp or a cloth seal. The Legge is a formerly common name for a centrally set up linen testing and collection point.

Since the 1920s, the German oath seal has stood in this tradition of self-confident and critical control. The stylized hand raised to swear an oath guarantees the highest quality. Linen with character. It is natural and authentic, durable and easy to care for.

Raw material from Western European fields is spun in specialized German or European spinning mills. The linen yarns are woven in local linen mills, washed and dyed in German finishing plants. This is the long chain of people, often family businesses, who stand behind the oath seal. To this day, purchasing a timeless, confident textile remains a question of trust. Trust in the promise of the tried and tested oath hand seal.

In our online shop you will find high-quality pure linen by the meter in modern colors, extra widths or elegant patterns. Typical goods made from pure linen include curtains, curtains, table linen, tea towels, bed linen and tablecloths.

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