Cotton fabrics

Where to buy cotton fabric?

In the GrüneStoffe online shop you can choose from a selected range of high-quality and sustainable cotton fabrics. We offer light and heavy or thin and thick fabrics in excellent quality.

Another focus of our cotton fabrics is the use of ecological materials. In addition to our organic fabrics, we keep the distances to our weaving mills short. With us you only buy goods that are produced in Europe. A majority of our fabrics are produced in German-speaking countries. Our fabrics are available from 1 meter. If necessary, you can order up to three free hand samples. Be inspired by our high-quality fabrics!

What is woven cotton fabric?

The term cotton is often used as a synonym for woven textiles. However, cotton is a fiber material that is processed into a wide variety of textiles such as knits, wovens, fleeces or knitted fabrics.

Woven cotton fabrics are textile fabrics by the meter that consist of a warp thread and a weft thread system. The warp and weft are woven vertically together to create a textile structure, i.e. the fabric. The important basic fabric types in the textile sector are:

  • Plain weave
  • Twill weave
  • Atlas binding

Derivative types of fabric, for example elaborate pattern weavings, are based on the three types of base fabric mentioned.

Why is woven cotton so popular?

Cotton has various properties that make the material so popular. First of all, the deposit is very mature due to global cultivation and mechanical processing. This leads to economic advantages of this natural fiber over alternative materials.

Cotton also has excellent material properties that have made this fiber the most popular fiber in the world. Cotton is very easy to care for and durable. The fiber is more tear-resistant when wet than when dry and is also very durable. Cotton is quite heat-resistant and naturally kind to the skin.

Types of cotton fabrics

What is thick cotton fabric called? What is thin cotton fabric called? These questions come to us again and again. There are different types of thick and thin cotton fabrics, which are shown below with their technical terms:

Thin cotton fabrics

  • poplin
  • Cotton batiste
  • Voile

Thin cotton fabrics are fabrics with fine yarns that are particularly suitable for women's clothing or nightwear.

Thicker cotton fabrics include:

  • Cotton canvas
  • denim
  • damask
  • Panama
  • Twill

Heavy and thick qualities are suitable for robust applications such as upholstery work, cushions and other decorations, but also clothing that is subject to heavy use.

The transition from thin to thick cotton fabrics is often smooth. We recommend that you pay attention to the item descriptions of our fabrics. In addition to product recommendations for sewing and designing, we have stored the respective weight of the fabrics for you.

In addition to the type of fabric, our cotton fabrics differ according to different types of patterns. We offer styles from retro and vintage to the most modern trends currently available on the market.

In addition to our plain plain and striped cotton fabrics, which are wonderful for combining with our patterned tree fabrics, we offer a unique selection of different designs in this area. Our patterns are woven into the fabric, embroidered or printed onto the cotton fabric using various printing processes.

Our range includes high-quality animal fabric motifs such as owl, hedgehog, deer, butterfly, penguin, rabbit or fox. We also offer great printed and woven patterns with floral elements, such as flowers and leaves in a modern country house style or in combination with classic ornaments. Geometric cube patterns in black and white, as well as graphic zigzag designs characterize our modern fabric selection. Fantastically soft cotton fabrics with dots or checked prints are also available from us.

What are the trend colors for 2022?

Back to nature and therefore to yourself is the new trend and brings noble natural colors such as ochre, beige, gray and brown as earthy tones for your design. The trends also include fresh colors such as light yellow, olive green, apricot or a creamy green. Different shades of blue in light and dark as well as pink, turquoise and violet provide modern accents in your design. Overall, the style becomes more individual.

What to sew from cotton fabric

Our cotton fabrics are often used for curtains, quilts and decorations. In the area of ​​clothing, the materials are particularly suitable for sewing shirts, trousers, skirts or dresses.

Process cotton fabrics

Before processing, it is possible to pre-wash the fabric or add an allowance for the remaining shrinkage of the material. For example, when sizing your curtains, you can add a length allowance over the hem in order to have a reserve of length in the curtain after the first wash. If you want to pre-wash the fabric, we recommend finishing the open edges with a sewing machine.

A rotary cutter or sharp scissors is recommended for cutting. The desired pattern must be marked out and, if necessary, marked with tailor's chalk.

When sewing, it is important to set up the machine for the cotton material used. We recommend a universal needle for light, thin fabrics; a jeans needle is suitable for heavy, solid cotton.

Wash cotton fabrics

You can machine wash most of the cotton fabrics in our range at at least 30 degrees. After washing, we recommend hanging the item up to dry. For some items, you can also put the fabric in the dryer to dry. Ironing is possible at a light to medium setting when dry. For more detailed information, please refer to the care information for the respective cotton fabric.

All information about cotton fabrics in one summary

  • Woven cotton fabrics consist of warp and weft threads
  • Depending on the intended use, thin and thick cotton fabrics are available
  • Cotton has wonderful properties (e.g. very skin-friendly)
  • Earth tones and fresh colors are the trends for 2022