Extra wide & room-high fabrics

Extra-wide and room-high fabrics – a great selection at gruenestoffe.de

Are you looking for floor-to-ceiling curtain fabrics or extra-wide decorative fabrics ? GrueneStoffe.de offers a select range of extra-wide and floor-to-ceiling fabrics for a wide range of applications. Our floor-to-ceiling fabrics start with a width of 240 cm and are up to 4 m wide or high. We specialize in extra-wide fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen . A great selection of extra-wide fabrics made from recycled cotton and polyester fibers complement our sustainable selection. Special attention is paid to our extra-wide organic fabrics made from organic cotton.

From the fiber materials mentioned, we offer beautiful extra-wide fabrics for decorations, soft satin fabrics for curtains and bed linen . Robust fabrics such as canvas for extra-wide upholstery work or heavy curtains. Elegant voile and extra-wide batiste for beautiful curtain blinds round off our range of extra-wide fabrics.

Our extra-wide fabrics are available in plain colors with a smooth structure or with a fine linen texture. We also carry fine printed striped patterns and generously sized floral designs. We offer a trendy selection of graphic patterns to suit modern tastes.

What dimensions for extra-wide fabrics?

The common dimensions for extra-wide fabrics are:

  • 260cm
  • 280cm
  • 290cm
  • 295cm
  • 300cm
  • 320cm

For floor-to-ceiling fabrics, the height of the fabric is specified and not the width of the fabric, as is the case with conventional fabrics. So you order the width of the fabric from us.

Sewing ideas with extra wide fabrics

Typical areas of application for our extra-wide fabrics are:

  • Curtains
  • Upholstery
  • curtains
  • Covers
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Stage construction, theater
  • curtains
  • Set the table
  • Bedding
  • tents
  • Extra wide sofas

You can decorate rooms perfectly with our floor-to-ceiling fabrics. Our extra-wide and floor-to-ceiling fabrics have the advantage of eliminating the need for annoying and unsightly sewing on of individual fabric panels. This saves you time when cutting or sewing and no seams are visible on assembled fabric panels.

extra wide fabrics for sofa

Floor-to-ceiling curtain fabrics made from recycled polyester
extra wide canvas fabrics for upholstery covers extra wide satin fabrics for bed linen and curtains

floor-to-ceiling transparent curtain fabrics

Which materials for extra wide fabrics?

High-quality natural materials for extra-wide fabrics such as cotton and linen as well as robust extra-wide fabrics made from recycled polyester are available in our online shop. In addition to durable fabrics with extra width, we also offer a wide selection of colors, patterns and different styles. We source many of our fabrics directly from European weaving mills.

Advantages of extra wide fabrics

The advantage of extra-wide fabrics is obvious. If you have rooms with high ceilings, wide window fronts or a nice, wide couch, you don't have to worry about attaching individual fabric panels and unsightly seams by sewing individual fabric panels together.

Fabric orientation for extra wide fabrics

For extra-wide designs (floor-to-ceiling, extra-wide, +280 cm), the following note on the pattern is very important. For patterned, extra-wide fabrics, we specify the fabric height instead of the fabric width in the item description. The following figure shows the corresponding pattern of these fabrics.

Fabric orientation for floor-to-ceiling fabrics

Here the floral pattern runs along the height, i.e. vertically. With these fabrics you have the opportunity to freely choose the fabric width. This means you decide how wide your fabric should be. For many of our plain fabrics, you can also use the fabric height as the fabric width, as this fabric does not have a pattern run.

We would be happy to advise you if you have any further questions about our fabrics.