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Fabrics “Made in Germany”. Our fabric yard goods are designed, woven and finished in Germany. Locally and regionally produced materials enable us to avoid unnecessary, environmentally harmful transport routes from, for example, the Far East and guarantee us fair and socially sustainable working conditions.

The many attempts in recent years to make the global textile industry fairer and more ecologically and socially sustainable are still proving to be particularly difficult. With our yard goods, we would like to offer an alternative to the conventional fabrics that our competitors offer worldwide. Our offer includes a selected, high-quality range of fabrics with items that we purchase directly from the German manufacturer.

We avoid costly and time-consuming logistics chains that are often created by wholesalers or textile publishers. This means we can offer the highest quality fabrics at competitive prices, from which you of course benefit. Due to wage developments, the German textile industry has relocated to low-wage countries in recent decades. However, various textile weaving manufacturers have been able to establish themselves in Germany thanks to excellent quality and unique creativity. These enable us to put together a unique range.

The credo that unites all weaving companies and us is social and sustainable responsibility for future generations and the production of high-quality and sustainable fabrics. We offer you a long-lasting raw material for your next sewing project. For example, if you like to sew, decorate or do upholstery work with high-quality and sustainable linen fabrics made in Germany, you will find the right fabric for your sewing project with us.

We also offer durable, weatherproof fabric products for decorating outdoor areas for awnings or seating in the garden. The meter goods offered are particularly suitable for sewing cushions, curtains, tablecloths, decorative items, bean bags or awnings.

You can order fabric by the meter from us starting from 1 meter. So that you can convince yourself of our unique quality, colors and feel, we offer free sample shipping.