Recycled fabrics

Recycled cotton

A major environmental problem of our time is excessive consumption and the resulting waste in the textile industry. Every German throws away around 5kg of textiles every year.

The cultivation of new cotton fabrics often requires a lot of pesticides and the energy and water consumption along the entire process chain is enormous. So clothing that is no longer wanted should simply be disposed of and possibly burned? The answer is clearly no! Our contribution to this is new fabrics for clothing and decoration made from recycled cotton.

New yarns are spun from cotton clothing that is no longer needed. The clothing is sorted by color and shredded into its original fibers. In the next step, the cotton fibers are re-dyed and spun into yarn. New yarns are created from old clothing items.

The yarns made from recycled cotton are processed into fabrics with great patterns and modern colors during the weaving process. The natural finish ensures a smooth grip.

In this way, clothing that is no longer wanted is created into a new, long-lasting product for upholstering furniture and decorating as well as for new items of clothing. A contemporary material for responsible action in a world that should still be worth living in for our future generations.

Our range includes curtain fabrics, curtain fabrics, upholstery fabrics, decorative fabrics and clothing fabrics made from recycled cotton. The recycled fabrics are available in plain colors or finely patterned in many different colors. Due to the recycling process of old clothing, small amounts of foreign fibers are also contained in the new fabrics.

Get inspired by our recycled fabrics!