Plain fabrics

Plain fabrics in modern colors and great textures. Our plain fabrics or our plain fabrics are versatile. We offer plain fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. Gorgeous plain fabrics that are great for sewing clothes and decorations or as a cover for your furniture.

Plain fabrics sold by the meter for sewing and designing

Plain-colored fabrics are single-colored fabrics and can be used wonderfully in combination with patterned fabrics. The plain fabric is also an absolute highlight for clothing and decoration when used in the right color, structure and material. Uni is French and means: simple, even. For us, Uni means plain, high-quality fabrics of all kinds.

Our range includes many heavy but also light plain fabric qualities that you can buy in our online shop. We offer plain fabrics as outdoor fabrics with water-repellent and dirt-repellent properties, but also hard-wearing plain cover materials with fantastic fabric structures for the design of your interior. We have a variety of modern colors and materials in stock for you as high-quality plain goods by the meter. Our plain fabrics are real all-rounders that impress with their resilience, are wonderfully decorative and can be used in many areas. In addition to being used in upholstery work, plain fabric can also be sewn in multiple layers with any conventional household sewing machine and, thanks to its durable handle, is ideal for sewing beginners and of course also for professionals. Take a look through our comprehensive range. The price of our fabric by the meter refers to 1 meter, the width of our upholstery fabrics varies depending on the product (the fabric width is approximately 140 cm). The fabric is delivered in one piece. You're sure to find the right design for your next DIY project.

What are plain fabrics made of?

The most well-known plain fabric is the plain cotton fabric, which we offer in many different colors made from high-quality cotton yarns, for example as plain canvas or plain poplin. The most important materials for plain fabrics are listed below:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Wool
  • silk
  • viscose
  • polyester

In addition, plain fabrics made from various mixed fiber combinations are available depending on the intended use.

Which color is the right one for plain fabrics?

When choosing colors, it's all about the right combination. Which color goes best with your furniture in the living room, dining room or bedroom? Which color of clothing suits your type? Should it be soft pastel tones in pink, yellow or green? Are you looking for a bright eye-catcher that will draw the eye in the room to your self-designed sewing project? A fine mix of complementary colors from different plain fabrics such as blue and yellow or red and green are also important elements in interior design. Or can it be one of the classic plain fabric colors such as cream, beige, gray, terracotta or brown?

With us you will find a selection of different combinations that we have ready for you. It is important to choose the right balance of different colors and to integrate your sewn product appropriately into the environment.

What can I do with plain fabrics?

Our plain fabrics can be used outdoors and in interior design, as well as for clothing. The most important plain materials are differentiated as follows:

  • Plain upholstery fabrics
  • Patchwork plain fabrics
  • Plain clothing fabrics
  • Plain decorative fabrics
  • Plain upholstery fabrics
  • Plain curtain fabrics

A wide variety of DIY projects can be implemented with plain fabrics. If you are a beginner making your first attempts on your sewing machine, we recommend sewing pillowcases with plain fabrics. This easy-to-work fabric will help you get a feel for sewing. You don't have to pay attention to any repeat information, which makes cutting easier. As an improvement, more sophisticated projects such as clothing, bags, curtains, backpacks, duffel bags or even upholstery work are available. In addition to sewing, plain fabrics for furniture can of course also be glued or stapled, for example to reupholster chairs or corner benches.

Here are some example products for the use of plain fabrics:

  • Seating furniture
  • couch
  • Dresses
  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Armchair
  • sofa
  • Chair
  • Corner bench
  • Bag and backpack
  • Bean bag, duffel bag
  • Drapes/curtains

If there are any leftovers when processing our plain-colored fabrics, they can also be used to cover foam. For example, you can use it to make a beautiful seat cushion and also be environmentally conscious.

All information about plain fabrics in one summary

  • Plain fabrics are available in natural materials, as blends and made purely from synthetic fibers.
  • Suitable for DIY projects in outdoor and interior design as well as clothing.
  • We offer ÖkoTex certified and environmentally friendly plain fabrics from sustainable production.
  • When choosing colors for plain fabrics, the right balance is important.