Satin fabrics

Decorative satin fabrics at offers a fine range of satin decorative fabrics. We rely on natural fiber materials such as cotton and linen. With cotton satin, we offer a select selection of satin yard goods for the furnishing sector.

What is Satin?

Atlas binding (satin). Satin is a name for shiny satin weave fabrics. The satin weave is one of the three basic weave types in weaving. A satin fabric is characterized by a smooth, shiny right side of the fabric and a matt left side. The right side of the fabric can be formed by the weft (weft atlas) or the warp (warp atlas). Satin weave fabrics are supple, have a great drape and look very elegant.

Satin decorative fabrics

Our range of satin decorative fabrics consists largely of cotton sateen. We offer satin fabrics for upholstery , curtains , bedding and decorations . Our satin meterware is 140 cm wide as standard, but is also available as an extra wide 280 cm wide. The advantage of our extra-wide satin decorative fabrics is the processing of curtains, bed linen or wide covers. The width eliminates the need to attach individual fabric panels and unsightly seams are avoided.

Our organic cotton sateen is made from 100% organic cotton. The satin fabrics are produced in Europe. Here we save long transport routes, which benefits the environment.

Our soft, cozy satin fabrics are available in different patterns. In addition to graphic and geometric elements for modern interior design, we also offer many classic floral designs. High-quality, floral satin decorative fabrics with roses, wildflowers and subtle leaves in current colors are available. The satin qualities are refined using resource-saving digital printing.

We are supplementing our selection with some plain (uni) satin decorative fabrics in white and natural colors.

If you have any questions about our satin decorative fabrics, we are available to help you at any time.