Upholstery fabrics

Buy natural fiber upholstery fabrics at GrueneStoffe.de

We at GrueneStoffe.de specialize in natural fiber upholstery fabrics made from cotton or linen and in upholstery fabrics made from recycled fiber materials . If you are looking for ecological fabrics for upholstery, you have come to the right place. In addition to upholstery fabrics made from pure linen and 100% cotton, we offer a wide selection of half-linen upholstery fabrics . Half linen is made from a blend of high quality linen and cotton fibers.

Our organic upholstery fabrics are made from 100% organic cotton. The upholstery fabrics made from recycled fibers are produced from clothing that is no longer needed (cotton) or recycled PET fibers (plastic waste).

We therefore offer a wide range of natural and sustainable upholstery materials.

GrueneStoffe.de offers a wide range of upholstery fabrics

Our range offers rustic, upholstery fabrics with structure and different textures for a special feel. Here we recommend our Bio Canvas series. A selected range of plain upholstery fabrics made from 100% organic cotton with a fine linen structure.

In addition, our selection includes many different patterned upholstery fabrics. Elegant watercolors on pure cotton or on a high-quality linen-cotton blend with opulent floral designs and graphic elements.

A particular focus is on our geometric and graphic upholstery fabrics, where the designs are reminiscent of the Bauhaus and Piet Mondrian styles.

If you prefer something a little simpler, you will find a wide selection of colors in our selection of allergy-friendly upholstery fabrics that are a little more natural and have a light stonewashed look. This canvas upholstery fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and is dyed with mineral-based dyes.

Subtle and opulent stripes are also part of our high-quality range of upholstery fabrics. Our floral upholstery fabrics are complemented by elegant paisley and tropical palm prints. Soft yet durable satin upholstery fabrics made from 100% pure cotton also have a permanent place in our selection. Extra-wide canvas qualities with a width of 280 cm save annoying attachment and unnecessary seams when doing extra-wide upholstery work.

An upholsterable selection of naturals in the colors white, beige and natural with many subtle, woven patterns such as ottoman and herringbone are complemented by bicolor upholstery fabrics made from a mixture of colored and natural yarns.

Interesting facts about upholstery fabrics

Here is some important information to consider when choosing upholstery fabrics. Upholstery fabric should not only look chic, but also have to withstand a lot. The most important indicator for upholstery materials is the Martindale test method. The Martindale test procedure simulates the shyness resistance of the upholstery fabric.

The benchmark is roughly:

  • 15,000 Martindale for private use
  • 30,000 Martindale for office use
  • >30,000 Martindale for public transport

We have included the corresponding abrasion resistance of our upholstery fabrics for you in the item description. There is a good reason why we often use polyester fibers for our upholstery fabrics, because this fiber material makes it possible to weave fabrics that offer the necessary durability and longevity that corresponds to the end use and our idea of ​​sustainability.

Do you have a question about our upholstery fabrics? We look forward to hearing from you at any time.