Digital printing

Digital printing technology gives us many new opportunities to produce fabrics for you. Compared to conventional printing techniques, digital printing technology enables greater color variation and more delicate pattern design. With this technology we also have the option of individual production and therefore avoid large mass production.

These unique designs are developed by a wide range of creative textile and fabric designers. We bring the product to your home. The fabrics with digital printing are delivered by the meter with a minimum order quantity of 1 m. However, we recommend that you pay attention to the repeats, some of which are generous, and take them into account in your textile project.

As the base material for the fabrics with digital printing, we have chosen a supple 100% cotton fabric and a fine linen/cotton blend as standard. Other basic materials such as lighter basic materials or special finishes such as dimout, outdoor or flame retardant for a wide range of purposes are available on request. Choose your fabric by the meter with digital printing! We look forward to your message and would be happy to advise you.