Country house fabrics

Fantastic furnishing materials in country house style offers you a select selection of country house fabrics for decoration , curtains and furniture upholstery . For our country house materials, we use natural fiber materials such as jute, linen, hemp or cotton. We have a large selection of organic fabrics and country house fabrics made from recycled fibers.

What is country house style?

The country house style describes the natural, rural furnishing style. Natural materials such as wood, stone and natural fibers are used in the furnishings. It can be a little more rustic here. In terms of patterns, a lot is allowed in the country house style. Generously sized floral patterns with roses or wildflowers bring a natural look to the interior design. Small, subtle leaves and striped patterns underline the rural charm. The color design uses delicate pastel colors and natural colors such as zinc, ochre, brown, beige and white. The shabby-looking look is reminiscent of bygone times and sometimes even seems a bit old-fashioned and rustic. Decorative fabrics in country house style bring a feeling of coziness to your home.

Decorative fabrics in country house style at

Our range of country house fabrics can be assigned to the French and English cottage styles. The selection includes cotton decorative fabrics with graphic tile patterns in various colors. Elegant check and stripe prints on a high-quality half-Panama fabric made from 100% organic cotton. Natural floral patterns with natural wild and meadow flowers, patterned floral watercolors on a linen-cotton blend and generous rose patterns digitally printed on cuddly soft cotton satin.

For extra-wide curtain and upholstery work, we offer a large selection of 280 cm wide or high country house decorative fabrics.

Our selection of Naturals is a little more rustic. The colors white, beige and natural are in the foreground here. Our Naturals are available in small, woven patterns. Classic textile designs such as herringbone, bicolor, atlas, ottoman or half panama are waiting for you here in a beautiful, natural style. The series is complemented by high-quality jacquard fabrics with a great, rustic feel. The selection is woven from pure natural fibers such as jute, linen, cotton or hemp.