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Interior design with graphic and geometric fabrics

Geometric shapes such as triangles, circles or diamonds as fabric designs are very trendy. We are therefore dedicating this article to the topic in order to introduce a few of our graphic decorative fabrics. We love fabrics whose patterns appear straight and three-dimensional and have clear shapes and structures. Our selection of graphic and geometric fabrics are made from linen and cotton and a high-quality linen-cotton blend. The corresponding designs are applied using screen printing and digital printing and are presented as embroidery or through a corresponding weaving pattern.

A homage to the Bauhaus style

This fabric series, which looks at the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus from the perspective of current 70s trends, reproduces striking block print motifs in sophisticated new hues. The effect of the four digital prints comes into its own beautifully on the high-quality linen-cotton fabric.

Graphic Bauhaus decorative fabrics

These graphic Bauhaus decorative fabrics are ideal for large decorative cushions, bedspreads or curtains.

The classic: the herringbone pattern

The herringbone pattern or herringbone pattern (herringbone for short) is a textile pattern and is reminiscent of herringbones placed several times next to each other. The fabric pattern is created by using the broken twill. Within the pattern repeat of a twill weave, the direction of the ridge is changed, usually within the indentation of the warp, and offset by a binding point (twill rearrangement). The pattern appears three-dimensional when viewed and gives the decorative fabric an effect with depth.

Herringbone decorative fabric anthracite Herringbone decorative fabric old blue Herringbone decorative fabric maroon brown

Our herringbone decorative fabrics are made from pure linen or cotton. We also offer a herringbone series made from recycled fibers. The decorative fabrics can be wonderfully made into decorative cushions, curtains or upholstery covers.

Currently in trend - the tile design

Decorative tile designs are very trendy. Here, graphic elements with a retro look are printed on the fabric in small repeats. The graphic patterns are reminiscent of Art Nouveau, country house style or exotic furnishing styles.

Cotton fabrics with graphic tile design

Our decorative fabrics in graphic tile design are usually made from 100% cotton and are very suitable for decorative items.

Organic decorative fabrics with ellipse geometries

Organic cotton fabric with a firm feel and fresh colors. Fine structure meets a design with geometric and hatched accents. Our item Bio Ellipse is produced in Spain from the fiber to the finished fabric. The pure organic cotton fabric with a weight of 380g per square meter is ideal for thick curtains, decorative pillows or for upholstering sofas and armchairs.

graphic ellipse fabric in blue graphic ellipse fabric in old pink Organic fabric with a graphic pattern

Inspired by flora and fauna - graphic designs

Artfully crafted floral design inspired by English botanical gardens. The organic Osagedorn decorative fabric is woven from 100% pure organic cotton and is available in 6 different colors as a half-Panama fabric. The fine botanical design is applied to the fabric using digital printing. Solid, sustainable organic quality meets a beautifully soft feel. We recommend the decorative fabric for cushions, curtains and blinds.

Floral graphic organic decorative fabrics

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