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Natural substances

Our selection of natural fiber materials “Naturals” comes without a lot of frills. In this selection we concentrate on the classic elements from weaving. Some are a little more rustic and some are light and delicate natural materials for decoration. The colors white, beige and natural are in the foreground here; many of the natural materials are undyed and natural as well as purely plant-based. Our noble naturals are available as small, woven patterns. Here, classic textile designs such as herringbone, bicolor, atlas, ottoman or half panama are waiting to be processed by you in a beautiful, natural style. The series is complemented by high-quality jacquard fabrics with a great, rustic feel. Our Naturals weave pure natural fibers with centuries-old traditions such as jute, linen, cotton or hemp. For the sake of the environment, we also offer some natural materials made from recycled cotton.

Which natural fibers are available?

Below we will give you an overview of the designs from the Naturals series.

Twill & herringbone

The herringbone pattern or herringbone pattern (herringbone for short) is a textile pattern and is reminiscent of herringbones placed several times next to each other. The fabric pattern is created by using the broken twill. Within the pattern repeat of a twill weave, the direction of the ridge is changed, usually within the indentation of the warp, and offset by a binding point (twill rearrangement). The herringbone pattern is available in jute, linen and cotton qualities. Great graphic patterns for curtains and upholstery.

Herringbone natural fiber materials Herringbone natural fiber materials

Atlas (satin)

Atlas binding (satin). The satin weave is one of the three basic weave types in weaving. A satin fabric is characterized by a smooth, shiny right side of the fabric and a matt left side. The right side of the fabric can be formed by the weft (weft atlas) or the warp (warp atlas). Fabrics with a satin weave are supple, have a wonderful drape and look very elegant. Our kbA organic satin is ideal for curtains, bed linen or pillows.


Ottoman is a fabric that is characterized by a rep weave with strong cross ribs. This weaving creates a product image with elegant, slightly fluffy horizontal stripes. Our ottoman is made from recycled cotton and durable jute fibers. Our Ottoman is a real heavyweight and is ideal for upholstery work on couches, armchairs and sofas.

Ottoman natural fabric Ottoman natural fiber fabric

Panama and half Panama

In terms of weave, Panama fabrics are based on plain weave. The so-called Panama weave creates a checkerboard-like and open-looking fabric surface, also known as a cube pattern. In contrast to plain weave, with Panama weave several warp and weft threads are woven together (in bundles). We have Panama and half-Panama in stock in various natural qualities for upholstery, solid curtains and beautiful, large cushions.


Our bicolor fabrics are a highlight. Here the natural fiber material is woven from two different colored yarns. The fabric consists of a colored weft thread and a natural colored warp yarn. Our Bicolcor fabrics are available in different colors and can be used for all types of decorative, upholstery and sewing work.


The jacquard fabric is named after the French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard. The jacquard fabric is created through a very high-quality and complex weaving process in the weaving mill. A fabric itself consists of two thread systems that are woven perpendicular to each other. In the longitudinal direction these are the warp threads and in the transverse direction these are the so-called weft threads. A woven pattern is created by the raising and lowering of various warp threads, through which the weft thread is inserted in the weaving process.

Jacquard makes it possible to lift each warp thread individually under computer control, creating very complex and elegant patterns. The warp threads are lifted by harness threads. Each warp thread is assigned to an individual harness thread and guided through the strand containing thread on the harness.

Jacquard natural fiber fabrics Noble natural fiber jacquard fabrics

The Naturals series offers unique jacquards with three-dimensional structures. The look and feel of these jacquard natural materials is unique. The finishing is done purely naturally, using a mechanical process.

Canvas natural fiber materials

Canvas fabric is a plain weave fabric. The warp thread and weft thread are tightly woven. Our canvas is made from various raw materials such as cotton, hemp, jute or linen. With us you will mainly find canvas with organic cotton or recycled fiber materials. The front and back of the fabric look identical and are usable. We offer a nice selection of extra-wide canvas natural materials for curtains and tablecloths with special sizes. We also offer a range of allergy-friendly natural fiber materials.


Voile is a delicate, light and transparent fabric made from smooth, highly twisted yarns and/or twists in a plain weave. Many different yarns can be used as raw material. Our voile natural fabrics are available with cotton, linen or hemp. We recommend our voile natural fiber fabrics for elegant curtains.

Natural fiber fabrics linen voile

Denim (twill)

Denim is a durable twill weave fabric. Our denim fabrics are made with robust hemp and linen yarns. The binding is usually chosen with a 3 or 4-strand warp twill weave with a tight setting. We offer high quality organic denim fabrics made from 100% linen for curtain and table decorations.

Denim organic natural fiber materials

If you have any further questions about our sustainable natural fiber materials, we would be happy to help you.