Cotton fabric Tiny Rhombus - marmalade

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Du kannst unsere Stoffe in 50cm Schritten bestellen. Menge 1 = 0,5m; Menge 2 = 1,00m; Menge 3 = 1,50m usw.. Wir liefern dir die bestellte Menge in einem Stück. Die Mindestbestellmenge ist 50cm.

Delivery time: 8 working days

Product information


material: 100% cotton
Weight: 295 g/m²
Fabric width: 138 cm
Repeat height: 10.80 cm
Repeat width: 8.70 cm

Our fine selection of cotton fabrics adds a cheerful touch to kitchens, dining rooms and playrooms. A variety of easy-care fabrics made from 100% cotton have been developed to withstand the test of time and blend effortlessly into existing interior design concepts. The collection's carefree designs range from delicate dots and timeless gingham checks to small-format, intricate floral motifs and are suitable for a variety of uses such as tablecloths, napkins, aprons or cushions.

A timeless color palette ranging from simple natural tones to fresh greens and cutting-edge copper tones ensures that the designs in your home remain current for years to come.

This series of small patterned fabrics includes the designs: Tiny Dots, Tiny Gingham, Tiny Lines, Tiny Rhombus, Tiny Square, Tiny Leaves and Tiny Tendril.

Care instructions

  • Please do not iron too hot, up to a maximum of 110 °C, and preferably iron without steam
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Do not put items in the dryer


We work exclusively with textile manufacturers from Germany and Europe. We rely on the shortest possible transport routes, fair working conditions and the best quality for a long-lasting product. With the interaction of these components, we lay the foundation for our daily work, with which we offer textile goods that are produced as ecologically and fairly as possible.

We offer creative, sustainable and high-quality products that meet the demands of our customers. To this end, we pay attention to the characteristics of our suppliers that are an important part of the company philosophy.

  • Fair compensation for employees
  • Rejection of any form of forced labor and child labor
  • Compliance with international human rights
  • Integration of disabled people
  • Ensuring environmental protection
  • Fair competition and respect for property rights

Care instructions

Please note the corresponding care instructions for the respective items. Our items should be treated gently.

For many of our fabrics, cleaning with a brush and a wet cloth is sufficient due to the special textile treatment. It is also suitable to air the textiles. Any cleaning that you do not use the washing machine protects the environment and your fabric.

When cleaning in the washing machine, please note the temperature information in the respective item description. Please wash the fabric on a gentle cycle with the lowest spin speed possible.

We recommend not putting the fabrics in the dryer in order to preserve the high quality and appearance for a long time.

For further information about our fabrics, please contact our customer service.