Batiste fabrics

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Our airy, light batiste fabrics are ideal for sewing curtains and curtains. The batiste fabrics at are available by the meter with a width of 140 cm to an extra wide 280 cm (room high). The selection is available both transparent and with a semi-transparent look. Our batiste fabrics are woven from fine natural fiber yarns such as hemp , linen and cotton . The fabrics can be ordered in plain colors, plain or digitally printed.

A wide selection of organic batiste fabrics made from organic cotton are waiting to be processed by you.

Design variety of our batiste meter goods

Our single-width and extra-wide batiste fabrics are available with a wide variety of patterns. We offer a selection of subtly patterned batiste fabrics with floral patterns and graphic design elements . If you like something a little simpler, you will find a selection of plain (uni) batiste fabrics in different colors from delicate white and ecru to earthy colors such as coffee and beige. A series of pastel-colored plain batiste fabrics completes our selection.

For our little ones, we offer a selection of cute children's batiste fabrics for wonderfully delicate curtains, bed canopies, canopies and decorations. Our batiste fabrics are usually lightfast. Please note our information in the item description.

What is batiste?

Batiste refers to fabrics that are tightly woven in a plain weave with very fine yarns. Batiste fabrics can be bleached and/or printed multiple times. A typical characteristic of batiste is a higher warp than weft density. The properties are very versatile due to different technical settings and different fiber materials.

Here are some examples of other batiste fabrics available on the market:

  • Cotton batiste
  • Linen batiste
  • Silk batiste
  • Makobatist
  • Half Macobatist
  • Half linen cambric